Pet Rabbits

Why not consider a pet sitter for your rabbit when you travel.

Every good pet owner worries about what to do with his or her furry family members while travelling. With rabbits, the concern can be even greater.

First and foremost, it is important to find a pet sitter who has plenty of confidence in dealing with rabbits.

Rabbits’ needs are different than cats and dogs. It helps to be able to read a rabbit’s body language and understand what their specific behaviours are when caring for them.

A Great option is to have a pet-sitter come to your home.

Pet Sitting Advantages

  • When a pet sitter comes to your home, your rabbit gets to stay in its own familiar environment.
  • Hiring a pet sitter also comes with the added advantage of getting someone to provide some surveillance for your home.
  • Pet sitters often cost less than boarding facilities, especially if you have a number of other pets.
  • Your rabbit will be in familiar surroundings, which will make it feel much more comfortable.
  • You won't have to disrupt your rabbit’s routine by transporting it to and from a pet boarding facility.
  • Your rabbit will not be exposed to other animals and/or children, which can cause additional distress.
  • A pet sitter will visit your rabbit regularly & can recognize any health problems that may arise.

With Oz Pet Minders you can be assured of personal attention and be certain that your rabbit will be well cared for.

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