They won't go hungry, we're here to help...

Pet sitters can be a big help when you plan vacations with or without your dog. Many of us will travel to visit family and friends or spend vacation time away from home. Time off from work and a change of routine offers humans much-needed stress relief. But the same is not always true for your furry family members.

Good vacation plans depend on the individual pet, and your special circumstances. Pets often feel extremely uncomfortable at a kennel or cattery. Some pets even go on a hunger strike if they are sent off to a Boarding institution. Separation anxiety & the psychological affects of being uprooted from their home at the same time can leave pets so stressed that they simply stop eating until their territorial living environment returns to normal.


In general, cats tend to prefer staying in their own home amid familiar surroundings. Some cats simply disappear if left alone for a day or two when they return to find their family has suddenly vanished. A pet sitter can provide appropriate care & attention for kittens, cats older than 10 years, or any cat with a health issue that needs attention while you are away.

No pet should be left unsupervised for longer than 24 hours. Make arrangements to have a professional pet sitter visit at least once a day to clean the toilet facilities, check food and water (and medicate, if needed), and perhaps play or cuddle with your pets as well.

Leaving dogs at home is also an option, but people visits must be frequent for toilet breaks and meals. Some dogs eat four-days’-worth of food at one time if it’s all left out at once.

Pet sitters are the ideal solution. An Oz Pet Minders carer spends an average of 30 minutes on each visit but for dog walking (especially multiple pets) or medicating it may take more time and require an additional 30 minute "Pop-In" Service booking to offer complete care for your pets.

Preparing for your pets’ comfort during your vacations gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy your time away free from worries. After all the joy they bring you throughout the year, don’t your cats and dogs deserve happy holidays too?

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